Light in the tree (Van Hollow - Suisse)

Photo prints

Some explanations on my photo prints before ordering..

The TOP in quality

Buy one of my photo prints, this is make you happy for life!

Nothing to do with prints sold in supermarkets..

I work with an experienced printer, well known to photographers. We select the best papers for you. Thanks to the quality of papers and inks, my photo prints don't age and can be passed on to your children!

The calibration of the entire production chain allows me to obtain faithful and colorful results. I personally control the production of each print to ensure the highest quality. Photo prints that do not meet my quality criteria are immediately destroyed.

Rigid prints (dibond) are produced on superb Hahnemühle Rag Brite White 310g paper (paper mat) very high quality. Professional printers, paper and pigment inks allow very high definition and finesse as well as striking colors that literally come out of the box!

The longevity of this paper and 11 associated inks is over 200 years!

Single print or limited to 30 copies

My photo prints are limited to 30 copies all sizes and supports combined. The prints are signed and numbered on the back from my hand. If you are interested in a single print, contact me by email. Single prints are only printed once and only you have a copy.

The transport of these works of art is carried out with the greatest care in proven multiple packaging.

Don't look, you will not find this quality in the supermarket! Quality explains the price of these prints..

Possibility of printing without lamination (Eco offer)

Format 32.9 x 48.3 cm on high quality glossy photo paper, print on professional printer and with pigment inks. Service life greater than 50 years

Only 100CHF 50 HT (VAT 8%)

Delivery throughout Europe

All products available on this site can be delivered throughout Europe, including Switzerland.

Payment any currency and ease of payment

Payment can be made in Euros, in Swiss Francs or in another currency, depending on your country of residence. You also have payment facilities when paying.

Nombreux formats disponibles

Je suis spécialisé dans les tirages grand formats. La qualité des photos me permet de faire des tirages de très grande taille tout en gardant une qualité à couper le souffle.

The Creux du Van - panorama (Suisse)

Qualité exeptionnelle des tirages

Les tirages sont produits par un imprimeur professionnel. Je m'assure moi même de la qualité des produits.

Controlled agitation (Poeta Raisse - Suisse)

Papier mat et spray de protection

Pour obtenir des couleurs impressionnantes et un rendu unique, j'ai sélectionné l'un des meilleur papier mat, protégé par un spray de protection.

Cross the river (Gorges de l'Areuse - Suisse)

Support rigide

La légèreté et la rigidité du Dibond le rend parfait pour les tirages grand formats. Une accroche est ajoutée au dos pour plus de simplicité à l'accrochage.

Chavanettes Falls (Suisse)

Prints and Sizes available

Please note that these dimensions correspond to the photo ratio that I use most frequently, but I can sometimes use different ratios (square, 16/9, 4/3, panoramic...), since then, I will communicate the dimensions of the photo when ordering

Les réductions sont valables cette semaine uniquement!

Pricing prints and supports (Price in CHF including VAT).


40x50 cm

Black or white wooden frame

Go everywhere black or white

150CHF 100 CHF

Living Room taille 40pc

40x60 cm

Rag Brite White 310g

Support Dibond

250CHF 190 CHF

Living Room taille 50pc

50x75 cm

Rag Brite White 310g

Support Dibond

340CHF 230 CHF

Living Room taille 60pc

60x90 cm

Rag Brite White 310g

Support Dibond

410CHF 270 CHF

Living Room taille 70pc

70x100 cm

Rag Brite White 310g

Support Dibond

690CHF 460 CHF

Living Room taille 80pc

90x135 cm

Rag Brite White 310g

Support Dibond

1100CHF 750 CHF

Living Room taille Big

110x160 cm

Rag Brite White 310g

Support Dibond

1650CHF 1150 CHF

Living Room taille Panorama

150x80 cm

Rag Brite White 310g

Support Dibond

1260CHF 860 CHF

Papier photo Rag® Bright White

For paper, I really want to enhance my photos by promoting the quality of the paper and the longevity of it.

So I chose Rag® Bright White photo paper from Hahnemühle because it is an excellent matte paper that has the qualities I was looking for.

It is a fine art paper in bright white cotton (100%) of 310 g/m². It has a special coating for inkjet, which gives it a surprising intensity of colors, intense blacks and exceptional details. This Rag® Bright White photo paper is designed without acid and lignin, which gives it an optimal shelf life.


The Dibond is a very rigid but also light support on which the photo is pasted. It is cut with the greatest care, the angles are perfectly straight. It is the support par excellence for large prints.

Tirage photo

Wall hanger of dibonds

I have chosen, with my printer, the best and most practical wall hooks according to the weight of the Dibonbs. Each Dibond print is accompanied by a wall hanger (only part A) or a chassis depending on the size and weight of the Dibond.

Accroche murale

Wall hanger (Only part A is provided - stuck to Dibond)

Chassis Dibond

Wall hanger (Only part A is provided - stuck to Dibond)


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